Sunday, February 23, 2014

23 Weeks

How far along: 23 weeks.

Size of baby: June Bug is the size of a grapefruit.

Maternity clothes: I can still wear some non maternity tops but bottoms are all maternity.

Movement: Oh yeah, getting stronger and stronger every day.

Sleep: Still great.

What I miss: Nothing at all.

Symptoms:  Not to many to mention.  Just the expected discomforts of being 6 months pregnant.

Cravings: None really, I just like food in general.

Favorite moment of the week:  Having a little Valentines/baby moon getaway with my husband which I will blog about soon.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

22 Weeks

How far along: 22 weeks.

Size of baby: He is the size of a papaya.

Maternity clothes: Yes, I'm sporting maternity jeans and top in this pic.

Movement: Yes, this wild child moves all the time.

Sleep: Pretty good, can't complain.

What I miss: It snowed earlier this week and we got about 6 inches.  I discovered snow is not nearly as fun when you are almost 6 months pregnant.  Sledding wasn't an option and putting on 5 additional pounds of snow gear along with being pregnant is not easy.  It definitely was a lot of work trying to move around in all that, I was pretty exhausted after about 30 mins or so.

Symptoms: The back pain is back and I thought I was having morning sickness again but its more like indigestion.   After I eat I just feel yucky, so I have to eat smaller meals I guess.

Cravings: None.

Favorite moment of the week:  This week we were given our first gift for the baby and it was quite a big one!  My unbelievably generous inlaws bought our stroller for us,  I have been wanting this stroller for forever and I am so thankful for this generous gift! Thank you Mom and Dad!
Cannot wait to put this to use!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

20/21 Weeks!

And once again I am starting off this post with an apology, I fell off the blogging bandwagon so there will be no 20 week update but I will include some of the highlights from that week in this post.  First things first, we found out......

That's right, our sweet June Bug is a little boy!  We had our ultrasound at 20 weeks and most importantly he is healthy and growing, the ultrasound lasted almost a whole hour because not only is he healthy he is also extremely active so the ultrasound tech was having a hard time getting all the measurements.  At the end of the scan she told us that he was one of the most active babies she has ever seen, I think we might be in for it with this little one haha!  We are so incredibly grateful for a healthy baby and are beyond thrilled that he is a little boy!

Our sweet little boy!

The weekend after our ultrasound we headed home to NC so we could share the news with our family.  We had a small get together with our immediate family, had yummy food and revealed the news.

Here is a belly pic, well kind of.  My parents and I, I was 20.5 weeks in this pic.

Now onto 21 weeks:

How far along: 21 weeks

Size of baby: He is the size of a pomegranate 

Maternity clothes: Yes, and on the whole maternity jeans issue: while in Charlotte I was successful in finding jeans that I love!  I bought a pair of gap jeans and my mom and  my cousin/bff/sister Jordan bought me a pair of Joe's jeans which are seriously maternity jean heaven.  Can I just say that those two ladies are some of the most generous people in this whole wide world and I am so lucky that I get to call them family.  Just had to add that!  

Movement: Oh yeah, like I mentioned before about our ultrasound he is quite the mover and a pretty powerful one.  We have been jokingly calling him "hulk baby",  my favorite part of the day is bedtime, I get in bed and spend a few minutes feeling his nightly dance party.  I think this has been my favorite part of pregnancy!

Sleep: It's been great, other than the 2-3 potty trips in the middle of the night.

What I miss: nothing.

Cravings: none.

Symptoms: I didn't really have any symptoms during week 21, I felt great.

Favorite moment of the week:  Well for week 20, it was finding out we are having a son and sharing the news with our family.  Week 21 we set up our registry and it was so much fun picking out items for our little boy!  

That's it for 20/21 weeks, now to do my 22 week update considering I'm already a day into my 22nd week.  Stay tuned for 22 weeks in the next few days.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

19 Weeks!

Clearly Bella thought something out the window was more interesting than looking at the camera.

How far along: 19 weeks

Size of baby: June Bug is the size of a mango.

Maternity clothes: Well I went this weekend to do some shopping and had no luck.  The town we live in is on the smaller side and the mall here is for lack of a better word.... awful.  I mean it doesn't even have a Gap!  So I just couldn't find anything I was crazy about, I am really in the market for jeans, unfortunately I am kind of a jean snob so I'm really picky.  I think I'm going to hit up the malls in Charlotte when I'm home and see if I can find something I like.  I know I don't have many readers but if there is someone out there reading this that has a favorite brand of maternity jeans please let me know.

Movement: Yep, June bug is a mover and a shaker.

Sleep:  Pretty good, I have random nights when I don't sleep as well but over all I sleep pretty good.

What I miss: Noting.

Cravings: Pickles and those little Cuties.  They say cuties are for kids but I think they are for pregos!

Symptoms: The back pain has improved some this week, so overall I'm feeling pretty great.

Favorite moment of the week: Just being another week further along in my pregnancy and being one week away from the half way mark!  Oh yeah and we find out the gender this coming Tuesday, then we are headed home to Charlotte to share the gender with our families!!!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

18 Weeks

How far along: 18 Weeks.

Size of baby: June bug is the size of a sweet Potato.

Maternity clothes: I think I'm about ready to cave and start trying some maternity clothes.  I wore my pre-prego jeans with the Bella band the other night and it was just not comfortable, so I at least need some maternity bottoms.  Michael and I are actually going to head out tonight to do some maternity clothes shopping.

Movement: Yep, June Bug moves a lot and it is so much fun!  I have even been able to see a couple kicks/punches from the outside.  I will say sometimes it feels really strange, kind of like you have a little gold fish flipping and flopping around inside of you, weird but awesome!

Sleep: It's hit or miss, sometimes I sleep great and other nights I toss and turn.

What I miss: Nothing.

Cravings: Pickles! I know how cliche of me right? But in all seriousness I can not get enough Claussen pickles!

Symptoms: Continued back pain and pressure.

Favorite moment of this week: Feeling more and more movement, and getting one week closer to finding out it June Bug is a little lady or a little man!  We find out on the 28th so 10 days and counting!!!!!!

Monday, January 13, 2014

17 weeks

Once again this is late but, better late than never right? And about the pic, it's more of an 18 week pic since I took it the night before I turned 18 weeks, and please excuse my appearance and the lighting it was taken pretty late in the evening.

I definitely think my Belly has popped.

How far along: 17 weeks.

Size of baby: June bug is the size of an onion.

Maternity clothes: Other than my maternity leggings from gap, no.  Side note if you are pregnant go and get you a pair of maternity leggings from Gap, they are heavenly and I could live in them and I pretty much do.

Movement: YES!!!! So I know I had mentioned before that I thought I was feeling some little flutters but wasn't quite sure,well now I am feeling definite movement.  It seems like over night right around 17.5 weeks those flutters turned into little jabs and nudges.  I have even been able to feel a few movements from the outside. I am really starting to notice a pattern in June bug's movement and look forward to sitting quietly and waiting to feel the little one dance around.

Sleep: Well this one has changed a bit.  I had been sleeping great, but over the past few days I have started to get more and more uncomfortable at night, my lower back has really been bothering me and that makes finding a comfortable position pretty difficult.  Might be time to invest in one of those pregnancy pillows.

What I miss: noting

Cravings: None in particular.

Symptoms:  Lower back pain, man sometimes it is really really uncomfortable.  I just have over all pain and pressure down low, in my back and pelvis.  I can definitely tell that things are growing.

Favorite moment of this week: Feeling June Bug move, seriously the coolest thing I have ever experienced and feeling those little jabs reassures me that our little one is happy and healthy.  Also we started Bradley classes!  The Bradley method is a 12 week series to help expectant parents prepare for child birth as well as tons of info on pregnancy as well.

Monday, January 6, 2014

16 weeks!

This post is really late considering I will be 17 weeks tomorrow, but at least I am getting it posted.  Along with being late I didn't get around to taking my usual weekly picture so I had to do a little improvising.

How far along: 16 weeks!

Size of baby: June Bug is the size of an avocado.

Maternity clothes: Not yet.

Movement: I'm pretty darn sure I have been feeling movement, when I'm sitting or lying down I feel little flutters and pops.  It happens mostly when I'm eating, clearly June Bug likes food as much as I do! Also when we went to my 16 week appt and the Dr was listening to the heartbeat, you could hear June Bug moving around so obviously we have an active baby!

Sleep: Sleep is definitely not a problem for me, I could sleep all day if it were possible.

What I miss: Nothing at all

Cravings: None, just really enjoying food lately.

Symptoms: Occasional back pain but not many symptoms at all.

Favorite moment of this week: This week was super busy, celebrating New Years, having our 16 week appt and finally getting to hear our little one's heartbeat.  And last but not least celebrating our 5 year anniversary in D.C, we had a wonderful weekend away just the two of us.

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