Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend recap

 So this weekend was full relaxing, eating, a little bit of packing and a whole lot of the OLYMPICS!!!
I don't know about you guys but we love any form of sports in this house hold.  Football is our favorite, we are faithful Carolina Panthers fans and cannot wait until this season!! We love college sports just as much, Michael graduated from Wake Forest so of course he is a Demon Deacon and me well I was raised a Tar Heel fan, so yeah GO HEELS! So all of that was to say that we love love love sports, and the Olympics is no exception.  I personally love swimming, gymnastics and track and filed but really if you teach me the object of the game I can get in to anything, especially if team USA is involved.(I might have been enthralled in the archery match and synchronized diving)

Friday we went to some friends to cook out and watch the opening ceremonies, shout out to Ruthy and Drew. ;)  And then Saturday it was all Olympics all day, I made some banging BBQ (which I will post the recipe for later this week) so Saturday was a nice relaxing day.

Sunday we were a little bit more productive, we decided we should start packing up somethings considering we are moving in less than two weeks.  So a little back story, my hubby was supposed to be graduating in August and we were supposed to be moving to VA so we made arrangements and gave our 60 days notice to our apartment complex.  Well a few weeks ago we found out due to some delays in his experiments we wont be moving until January, so we had to find a new apartment because unfortunately they had rented our apartment, so we are moving to a different apartment in the same complex.  So yeah that was a long explanation to say we are moving but not far.

The rest of the day was spent eating left over BBQ and watching more Olympics.  Oh yeah and snuggling this little girl!

Happy Monday everyone! Look for a yummy recipe and some more posts about us: how we met, fell in love and our wedding!

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