Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day 2012!

I don't usually post or get involved in political discussions, it just comes with way to much negativity (but it's my blog and I wanted to document this historic occasion for myself). Unfortunately a time that should unite us as Americans seems to tear us apart and there is more focus on tearing each other down than building our Country.  Honestly the biggest problem in our country isn't spending or lack there of, the economy, social issues etc; its that our country cannot work together they cannot set aside differences and meet on common ground and get work done to better our Country.  There are points I agree and disagree with on both sides but as of today November 7, 2012 the American people have spoken and Barack Obama is our president  and regardless of if I agree or disagree with him he is our President  and I am going to stand behind him, respect him and most of all pray for him because he is the President of MY country and I am proud to be an American, It is truly the greatest country in the world. And that's all I am going to say about that!  Hope everyone got out and voted and had a great day!  God Bless America!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween recap

Here is a recap of our Halloween festivities.

The weekend before Halloween I headed home to spend time with my family and for our neighborhood Halloween party. Unfortunately Michael didn't get to join us, it was the weekend before his defense and he had tons of work to get done so he had to stay behind :(.  It was a great weekend and I got to spend some much needed time with my family. Here are some pics from the weekend:

Bella was happy to be back with her best bud!

Jordan's awesome costume!

Bella and I were bumble bees

The sweetest bumble bee in the world

Daisy was a Tar Heel cheerleader, since we beat State that day!! Woo hoo!

Jordan's costume served multiple purposes

However her costume made it difficult to eat her chili

With our Daddy's!

My Dad and I, he is dressed as a gas station attendant.  He doesn't normally dress this sloppy.

The party was awesome and then something even more awesome happened:

Our Neighbor Bobby proposed to his girlfriend Leah!!!!!!!

The happy couple!

Champagne to celebrate

A toast to the Mr. and Mrs. to be!

Congrats to Bobby and Leah we are so thrilled for you guys and cannot wait for the big day!

The next day Jordan and I carved pumpkins, here are our masterpieces:


and my Frankenstein pumpkin.

Since Halloween fell on a Wednesday that is normally the day we meet with our small group so we all decided to skip our usual bible study( I know shameful but with the door bell ringing constantly we probably wouldn't be very productive) and make yummy food,  hand out candy to the trick or treaters and just hang.  This also happened to be the day after Michael passed his thesis defense so it was also a little celebration of that.

Lots and lots of yummy food!

Superman and I, Malachi our friends April and Will's little man!

I mean how cute can this little boy be?

He is on the move!

So that about does it, we had a blast celebrating Halloween and cannot wait for the upcoming Holidays!

Friday, November 2, 2012

AMAZING Chocolate Peanut butter pie!

Today I am going to share with you one of my all time favorite dessert recipes.  If you know me you know I love chocolate and peanut butter especially when they are together.  I got this recipe from a Hershey's cook book I got on clearance at Barnes and Nobles years ago. You can find the original recipe here.

Chocolate Marbled Peanut Butter Pie

I don't  have a pic so I stole this pic from google.

What you need:

1/2 cup creamy peanut butter
3oz Cream cheese, softened
1 cup powdered sugar
8oz cool whip, thawed
1/2 cup semi sweet chocolate chips
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 cup milk
1 extra serving-size packaged graham cracker pie crust


Beat peanut butter  cream cheese and vanilla in medium bowl on medium speed until smooth.  Gradually add powdered sugar and milk, beating until smooth.  Fold in cool whip.

Place one cup of the peanut butter mixture in a separate bowl. Spread remaining mixture into crust.

Melt chocolate chips in microwave or double boiler until smooth. Stir chocolate into reserved peanut butter mixture, blending thoroughly  drop by tablespoons onto top of pie. Using knife or spatula, gently swirl making marbled effect.

Cover, freeze 3-4 hours or until firm.

Seriously y'all this pie is amazing, it is definitely rich but that's the only way I make desserts around here.  Hope y'all give it a try!

Happy Friday!  Up next: our Halloween festivities!

He did it!!!!!!

So if you didn't already hear, Michael's thesis defense was Tuesday and he PASSED!!!!  I cannot tell you guys what a huge relief that is, it means he will officially be Dr. Michael Roman PhD on December 15th when he graduates, it means we can get all our moving plans in motion because we are officially moving to VA in January!
I just wanted to take a moment and brag a little on my man.  It has been a long 5 and a half years and the amount of work that this man has put in is unbelievable  not to mention how hard I have seen him work over the past month, that was just insane.  I am so beyond proud of this man, he has shown me his strength, diligence and commitment to finishing strong and boy did he ever.  I am truly blessed to be married to such an incredible man, he amazes me! The Lord truly has been so faithful throughout this entire process.  There were some hard stressful times and over and over the Lord reminded us that He is in control and that He has plans to prosper us and give us a hope and a future. We also had so many people praying for us on the day of the defense and those prayer were so amazing I truly felt them and I know Michael did also, honestly I was so nervous that day without those prayers I would have been a complete basket case.   It has been 5 years of classes, tests, long nights in the lab, experiments and lots of lots of writing and it is all coming to an end. We started this journey before we were married and never thought it would come to an end and now here we are coming up on our 4th wedding anniversary and finally about to start the next adventure! Michael I love you, I am so incredibly proud of you and even more proud to call you my husband.  Congrats babe, cannot wait for our next adventure!

I leave you with some pics over the past few years, when Michael would have to go in on the weekends or at night sometimes I would tag along to keep him company.

Me pretending like I am helpful

Working in the clean room

Mad scientist, complete with the crazy hair

Once again pretending

Lots and lots of books

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