Friday, January 25, 2013

Anniversary trip part 2!

If you missed part 1 go here to get caught up.

We woke up the next morning and headed back downstairs to the restaurant for the breakfast buffet!  I really should not be allowed at buffets because I lack self control and when you have the amazing spread that this place did, lets just say I might have overindulged!  

My handsome groom at breakfast!

After breakfast we decided to head back to the main house and get some pics outside that we didn't get the day before.

And of course we can't go very long without acting foolish!


More foolishness

Man we are cool.

The last thing we decided to do was to take the shuttle to Antler Hill, which is a little "village" with shops, restaurants and the winery(woot woot).  We were told they had a complimentary wine tasting so we were all over that!  I was thinking since it was free it probably wouldn't be much to talk about, but boy oh boy was I wrong.  The lady helping us pulled out a list with close to 15-20 different wines and said "lets just go down the list", we were like "OK!"  So we sampled eachone and then our favorites a few more times, it was freaking awesome!  Let's just say 20 minutes later I was feeling pretty slap happy, so I suggested we go grab some lunch and maybe walk it off haha! I highly suggest the wine tasting, they will let you try as much wine as you want, I guess their idea is to get you drunk so your judgement is impaired and you do a little drunk shopping!  I am proud to say we didn't buy anything, haha you can't get us!

Yep, slap happy!

And this is me, I will find an animal anywhere I go even if it is fake!

We decided  to walk down to the barn where they had live animals.  So here is a little fact about me, I L-O-V-E animals, so if there is any chance of me getting to see or even pet an animal I am all about that!  Much to my delight you could walk right up to all the animals, they had chickens, goats and two huge draft horses(my fav).  Out of all the things we did those two days: the fancy hotel, champagne, gourmet dinner..... the farm animals were my favorite thing! I'm not hard to please stick me in a petting zoo and I am one happy girl!

Sweet love!

Goats just chillin.

So I have to say I love animals, except roosters! Hens are fine but roosters, well I have terrifying memories of these little demons!  When I was younger there was a rooster that lived on our land that we affectionately named Cujo and for good reason, this evil creature used to chase me home from the school bus everyday (insert visual of dorky blonde little girl running full speed through a field book bag and all) laughing yet? So yeah I'm not a big fan of roosters, and of course they were just walking around freely, thankfully this one resisted the urge to chase me!

Once we I sobered up, we decided it was time to head home,  I was sad to leave our romantic getaway but I could not wait to get home to my furry little girl who I was missing terribly!  Most people's dogs have separation anxiety from their owners, no I have separation anxiety from my dog.  Bella on the other hand could care a less that we were gone, she was being spoiled by her pops and chillin with her BFF Daisy.  Little did we know that our family and friends had a little something up their sleeve and had planned a surprise going away party for Michael and I.  So when we arrived home we were greeted by the people we love most, it was such a good time and a perfect ending to our wonderful trip!  We truly have the best family and we are so grateful!  And that's it for our anniversary trip, thank you so much babe it was an awesome getaway, I am so thankful to be married to such and amazing man and my best friend, I love you!  

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