Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Holiday recap!

Considering we are more than half way through January and I have once again let way to much time slip by without a post, I guess I should update you guys! As I had mentioned before we went home for three and a half weeks to celebrate the holidays! It was so nice to have some quality time with family and friends before our big move, which we have been in VA for a week so those are updates are to come soon as well.

The festivities began on Christmas Eve Eve.  I have to be honest this day is one of my favorites of the entire year!  The annual Christmas Eve Eve party started back in 2006 with an epic night that included champagne, tequila and a ton of fuzzy/awesome memories!  So ever since then we have continued the tradition each year, it has become a little less wild than the inaugural evening(a little) but not any less awesome haha!  No matter what we do it is always a blast because of the people we share it with, our friends that are more like family and who we don't get to see nearly as often as we wish we could. Here are some pics from Christmas Eve Eve 2012:
It isn't Christmas Eve Eve without some kind of Christmas hat!

A rousing game of Christmas Eve Eve flip cup!

This is why I love Christmas Eve Eve!

It's not a party until someone loses their pants, my little party animal of a nephew Nicholas!

Up next secret Santa!

Yes that would be my husband, I know lucky me ;)

Yay for awesome secret santa gifts!

We ended the night by caroling aka walking down the street singing carols at the top of our lungs :)
Next up Christmas Eve, we had a great day went to a fabulous church service, spent time with family and eagerly awaiting Santa's arrival!
Our family after church.

Bella's ready for presents.

Christmas day is always pretty busy for Michael and I since we have three places to visit.  First we wake up and open presents with Michael's family.  This year it was extra special because we had our nephews there with us.  It is so much fun having little ones around on Christmas they bring all the magic back to the day, and  if I haven't mentioned it before I am head over heels in love with my nephews!
Once we finish opening presents we head over to my Mom's side of the family for lunch, presents and more family time.
Our next stop is my Dad's side, we visit with everyone their exchange gifts and try to make room for dinner. Our last stop is heading back to Michael's parents for dinner.  So that raps up Christmas day, it was an awesome day with our families and of course a day to be grateful for the birth of our Savior.

Waiting for Elf Danielle to pass out presents!

Nicholas checking out what Santa brought him.

James was more entertained with the wrapping paper.

Me and my Kayley Bird!


Bella spent her afternoon snuggling with Lucas.

The last up for our holiday recap is New years eve!
New years eve we just hung out at Michael's parents and drank Champagne(my fav).  Michael and I are kind of home bodies we are not big on bars and definitely not on NYE. I'm not really a big fan of large crowds and eve larger drink prices if ya know what I mean!

Jordie Pie and I!

Brandon and Danielle

Love this Kid!

I don't have any pics but the next day we went to my Aunt's for the traditional Good luck New years day dinner: collards, black eyed peas and corn bread YUM!

So that pretty much wraps up the holidays with our family.  It was truly perfect, we had such a great time and was just what Michael and I needed before our big move!

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