Thursday, September 12, 2013

I'm back! Summer update part uno!

Ummmm... I don't really know how to start this post, maybe with "I am the worst blogger EVER".  And I really wish I had an excuse for my almost 5 month absence, but I don't other than I am L-A-Z-Y!  I really have missed blogging, I love documenting our life and being able to look back.  So I really want to get better at blogging and not have months in between posts, so I am going to try to commit to at least one post a week. Here goes nothing.

Here is a recap of what we have been up to since April, I'm going to break it up into two parts so I don't bore you guys with one ridiculously long post.


May was really busy, we had two graduations and lots of traveling. 
Our first trip was down to Raleigh to attend my little cousin Kayley's college graduation.  Our first night down there our wonderful friends April and Will graciously let us stay the night,  we loved having he opportunity to catch up with them even though it was a short stay we love any chance we get to spend with the Davidson's!  The next day our family was meeting us in Raleigh, Kayley's graduation was that night, I was so incredibly proud to see my baby girl walk across that stage! I know she has so many great things ahead of her and I can't wait to see what life has in store for her!  The next day was Mother's day, and fortunately I was able to spend the day with my Mommy.  We spent the day just goofing around and enjoying being  back in our old stompin grounds.  It was a great weekend!
Meredith College Class of 2013

The Kayley fan club!

So proud.

Next up was another trip down to NC for my sis in law's college graduation.  Saturday we celebrated Danielle with a graduation party at Michael's parents, it was extra special because two of my favorite people in whole wide world where there, Eva and Lars Marmsater!  They have been friends with Michael's family for a really long time and from the first time I met them I absolutely adored them,  a party truly isn't a party unless they are there!   Sunday we just relaxed and spent time with family.  Monday was graduation day!  Michael and I where pretty excited about this not just because Danielle was graduating but also because she just so happened to be graduating from Wake Forest which is Michael's alma mater.  We have so many memories on that campus so it was great to be back!  After graduation we had another little party at Danielle's apartment off campus, so much fun!  Once all the fun was over I got to spend the week in Charlotte with family, unfortunately Michael had to head back to VA for work but he had plans to come back down the following weekend for memorial day.  I spent the week sleeping in, spending time with my family, and snuggling my first baby girl Daisy.  And in case you were wondering; Bella was with me, I mean duh where else would she be?

Here are some pics from that week:

Eric and Michael hangin at the graduation party.

Celebrating Danielle's accomplishments with champagne!

My "to cool for school nephew" Nicholas!

Wake Forest! Love this place!

The lady of the hour!

The whole crew.


Aren't they cool.

WFU Alumni!

My girls catching some rays!


The first week of June was sooooo exciting because my best friend from high school Sarah was coming up from Atlanta for a visit.  I hadn't seen her since just after Christmas so I was beyond eager to hug her neck and spend hours catching up!  She arrived on a Wednesday, and I made sure I had snacks and a bottle of vino open and ready!  We spent the afternoon catching up, and then spent the evening grilling out and more catching up!  
Oh my gosh I love this girl!!!

Told ya!

Bella loves Sarah too!

When Sarah was here she informed me that she had never been to D.C, so that meant we where definitely heading to D.C the next day!  So that's what we did we headed out early that morning to D.C!  I absolutely love D.C it is so so so much fun, so much to see and do and a lot of it is free!!!!  I wish we had more time but all we had was that one day so I tried to cram as many highlights as I could in the limited amount of time.  
First stop!

The Washington monument covered in scaffolding.

These next two picks are me trying to be funny,  I was still a little bitter about our move but I am happy to say 3 months later I am feeling much better about VA.

WWII memorial.

Reflecting pool with the Lincoln memorial in the distance.

Hey there Abe!

Good Ole Abe who is slightly terrifying and BIG!

Visiting the prez!!!

Downtown D.C

Smithsonian museum of natural history.

Headed home.

And the best part of going to D.C, traffic.  It only took us 3 hours to go 40 miles.  And you wonder why we don't go to D.C more often!

Unfortunately Sarah had to leave the next day, but I was so grateful for just a few days spending quality time with my girl. The rest of June was pretty uneventful, lots of pool days, date nights and hanging at home with the pup.

Date night in Downtown Fredericksburg.


Daddy snuggles.

That's it for this post, I will rap up the rest of our summer in part 2 so be sure to come back tomorrow that is if I have any readers left after my 4 month hiatus.  Stay tuned!

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