Sunday, April 28, 2013

Perfect spring weekend!

This past weekend has to be what I consider the perfect spring weekend. Friday night is our date night and we decided  we wanted to go out for Mexican food!  We were so excited about our fiesta style date night that our text messages looked a little something like this:

We haven't tired any Mexican places here in town yet so we got some advice from a few locals and headed to Pancho Villa.  When we arrived I realized they had Mexican Bulldogs on special,  this is the margarita with a corona!  I know I am like a year late on this trend but I had never tried one and was pretty darn excited about it, so much so that we let the server talk us into the double instead of the single, nice up-sale Mr. Server!  Dinner was delish but the company was even better, I sure do love date nights with my man!


My dinner, Chimichangas! Clearly I had no time to take a pic and had to dig in!

Mission accomplished!

Love this man!

 Saturday morning we woke up early dropped the pup off at doggie daycare and headed over to the farmers market.  This is quickly becoming our Saturday routine, hit the farmers market, get tons of fresh veggies and locally raised meat and eggs, then take a long stroll around downtown!  Can I just say that there hasn't been much about Virginia that I have been really excited about, its just very different from NC especially the small town we moved to.   However the local farmers market is unbelievable  seriously so many amazing vendors, it even has multiple vendors that sell meats from farm raised, grass fed animals and even cheeses, butter and milk! So in love with this part of VA!

Tons of amazing produce.

They even had alpacas there, like I have mentioned before I absolutely love animals and these little guys were precious and made the absolute cutest little sounds you have ever heard.  I wonder if you can have an alpaca in an apartment, hmmmm maybe? 

Some of the farmers market.

So many beautiful flowers.

On our walk we passed a house that had a UNCC 49ers flag(my Alma mater).  Such a small wolrd, NINER NATION!

After our walk we headed home and decided it would be the perfect day for our first visit to the pool, it wasn't quite warm enough to swim but it was perfect to catch some rays.  Later that afternoon we picked up the pup and headed home to grill out for dinner.

Happy and tired girl.

My handsome grill master.


To end our awesome spring evening, we decided to take advantage of the cool evening and use the outdoor fireplace here at our apartment complex.  And of course if you have a fire you have to make s'mores!  We enjoyed s'mores a few Sierra Nevada Summer fests and plenty of relaxation.

S'mores makins!


Roasting marshmallows.

Yes, please!

Hubby approves.

Bella enjoying her S'mores AKA rawhide.

Sunday was very laid back and routine, Church, hangin at home doing sunday chores and taking a long walk with the pup.

Seriously the perfect weekend, it's days like these that remind me of how good the Lord has been to me.  If i'm honest this move has been really hard on me and sometimes down right depressing but just when I start to get down about my situation the Lord will give me a day like this and remind me that life is still good and I am beyond blessed.  I truly have been blown away by his provision over the past few months.  

Happy Spring!


  1. ohhh smores! those look good.
    looks like a lovely weekend!

  2. What a fun weekend! Hope you guys are doing well.
    Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster award over on my blog. Go check it out!
    xoxo Camille

    1. So I am so ridiculously late at replying to this but thank you so much for stopping by, and thank you so much for the nomination you are to sweet! Your blog is beautiful, it definitely motivates me to post more often! Hope you are doing well!


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