Sunday, December 30, 2012

Michael's Graduation!

So after a very long 5 and a half years Michael's graduation was finally upon us and we could not have been more excited about that day!  We were so excited and grateful that our family and friends were able to come and celebrate with us considering most of them had to drive 2 plus hours to be there first thing in the morning.(you guys rock)
Here are some pics from the graduation ceremony:

Everyone(minus a few) anxiously awaiting the ceremony!


Here he comes.

He did it!!

My side of the famly!

So proud!
So funny story, due to some administrative mistakes Michael didn't actually get his diploma like all the other PhD's.  So they gave him a generic print out, we thought it was pretty funny!

The Axtell/Martin family!

Michael's side of the family!



All the members of Michael's fan club!

After graduation we headed over to April and Will's for a graduation party put together by our AMAZING small group!  Have I mentioned how incredibly amazing these people are?  When Michael and I were thinking about graduation a few months ago we had pretty much decided that a graduation party was just not possible.  We knew we would have our  move that week before so we wouldn't have anywhere to host a party.  That's where April and Will steped in and insisted on hosting the party at their house, and then everyone else jumped in and before we knew it they had planned an amazing party!  Not only for us but they graciously invited all of our family and friends as well.  They did such an amazing job, the food was awesome and the company was even better.  I was thrilled for our famalies to get to meet these wonderful people that have become such a huge part of our lives!  My family have told me numerous times since then how much they enjoyed the party and even more how terrific our friends are, I must say I completely agree!  So like I said the party was awesome and we had a blast.  Thank you so much guys for helping us celebrate Michael and his hard work!

And here are some pics from the party:

Of course it wouldn't be a party without this little guy!

The man of the hour!
Presents woop woop!
Time for some grub!
I must say it again, I LOVE THESE PEOPLE!!!
The guys, looking to cool for school.
My beautiful ladies.
Kayley and Brett.

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