Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Catching up!

Well its been quite a while since I have updated and I totally did not intend to take a hiatus from blogging but some how over a month has past without an update.  My apologies, life has been crazy over the past month. there was Thanksgiving, Michael finished up school and graduated, oh yeah and we moved all of our stuff into storage until our move to VA in January.  For now we are home in Charlotte spending time with our famalies for the holidays and taking a much needed break.  Don't worry I plan to document all the previous happenings in the next few post and catch everyone up to speed. (I know you have all been hanging on the edge of your seats)

So lets start with November and Thanksgiving.  To be totally honest November was pretty  uneventful, Michael was pretty busy at school preparing for graduation and we just spent our time off soaking up our last  few weeks in Raleigh.  Thanksgiving was very nice we went home to Charlotte ate tons of food and spent time with family.  We also had Jordan take some family photos of us for our Christmas card, which was pretty fun and hilarious at the same time!
Bella snoozing on Thanksgiving day!

Someone looks thrilled about decorating the tree.

Decorating the tree!

Lookin good Hubs!

Bella and the finished product.

My girl and I infront of the tree!
And here are a few from our famly photo shoot, taken by the fabulous Jordan!
Puppy kisses!
We sure do love this furry little girl!
And some outtakes because they were just to funny not to share!

Mom can we please be done already?
After Thanksgiving it was crunch time and it started to hit us that we were really moving and we only had 3 weeks left in Raleigh.  The weekend after Thanksgiving we headed up to VA to find a place to live.  In all honestly this trip was hard, it was exciting but I was sort of surprised how dificult it was for me.  I guess it all was sinking in that we were moving away from our friends and even further away from family(we would now be over 6 hours from Charlotte).  This new town just didn't feel like home and I know it will come with time, the same thing happened when I moved up to Raleigh, it just was a little overwhelming for me.  After a long day of apartment shopping we decided on a place that we really like and I was starting to feel a little bit better about our move.

  So that pretty much wraps up November next up our last few days with friends, our move and Michael's graduation. Stay tuned!

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