Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Saying goodbye!

So as I mentioned in our previous post our move was really starting to sink in for us and we were realizing that we would soon be leaving some amazing friends behind.  When Michael and I got married and I moved to Raleigh we began praying that the Lord would help us find a church and help us find a group of friends that could become our family away from Charlotte.  It took a while but as always the Lord was faithful and boy did He ever come through.  Little did we know that some of our closest friends would be just a few doors down from us and he would use our sweet little Bella to meet them.  I'm sure you guys remember Jonathann and Chenoa form this post, we met them along with Cory and Ricky at the dog park and had no idea they would become such a big part of our lives and be such fantastic friends!  Jonathan and Chenoa moved last year and it was really hard to say goodbye so when the time came to say goodbye to Cory and Ricky this past week it was just as difficult!  However we plan on coming back and visiting these two very often, Bella and their pup Toby are BFF's so Bella will not allow to long to go by without seeing her Toby Woby!

Another huge answer to our prayers is our small group! After over two years of church shopping Michael and I finally found a church we liked in  2010, soon after that we decided to join a small group to help get a little more connected in the church.  Little did we know that this group of people would become such a support to us and an incredible blessing in our lives!  Words cannot express how much we love and cherish their friendship.  They have been a tremendous blessing in our lives, they have supported us, prayed for us, encouraged us and celebrated with us.  I know that these friendships will last a lifetimes no matter how much distance seperates us.  Michael and I have enjoyed getting together each week studying the Bible and learning so much from each one of them, they truly have helped Michael and I grow so much in our faith and as a couple.  They are some of the kindest most generous people we know and we are honored to call them our friends.  It was not easy at all saying goodbye to them, during our last Bible study together they all prayed over Michael and I and it was so touching for me, it meant so much to us and I would be lying if I said I didn't quitely sob through the entire prayer.  To know that we have so much support and love surrounding this transition was so comforting.  When we finally said goodbye I put on my brave face and smiled but when Michael and I drove away I broke down in tears in the car, I really really hate goodbyes, but I know we will be visiting as often as possible and hoepfully skyping in occasionally during Bible Study!

Love these people!

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