Sunday, October 7, 2012

Trip to Orlando!

I forgot to mention in my previous post that Sofia's Momma Chenoa has a blog and has been blogging since she was put on bed rest so you can read about Sofia's journey in detail here!

Like I said in my previous post my friend Cory and I flew down to Orlando last weekend to celebrate Sofia's first birthday!  We woke up super early Saturday morning to catch a 7:45 am flight to Orlando, and I have to admit I was soooo excited about flying on an airplane! This was only my second flight in my entire life and the other one was to our honeymoon!  Yes I said it, I have on been on an airplane twice in my entire life! So yeah I was so excited and even more excited about seeing our long lost friends the Farsaci's!  Another exciting thing was that Cory, Jonathan and I had kept our little trip a secret from Chenoa so she had no idea we were coming.  The flight was easy and just a side note, if any of you guys have ever flown with Delta, you know those cookies they give you? Yeah I am obsessed they are sooooo good, so that was the highlight of my flight some delicious cookies and a much needed diet coke!

Once we arrived in Orlando Jonathan was there to pick us up and we headed back to their place.  When we  got to their house we snuck in behind Jonathan and y'all Chenoa's face was priceless.  I was so so so happy to see one of my dearest friends!  Once we got done hugging like a million times we sat on the floor and got reacquainted with little Miss Sofie!!  Oh my goodness y'all words cannot even describe how precious this little girl is I mean my heart could explode just thinking of her sweetness.  She seriously is the sweetest most mellow little girl, she is just so content and oh so lovable!  I kept saying she is like a little baby doll, I mean she is 14lbs of pure cuteness.  I instantly fell in love and once again Sofie had my heart!
So happy!

Sofia and Auntie Cory.

Oh yeah and I was super excited about seeing this little boy! Hurley aka Bugsy, this is Bella's bud from the dog park and he is the reason we met Chenoa and Jonathan so I pretty much love this little boy a ton, and he is such a good big brother to Sofie he is so gentle and patient with her!

  We played for a little while and then we all packed up to head to a birthday party that Chenoa and Sofie already had plans to attend, yes we crashed a 1 year old's party.  The party was at a place called the little gym, its kind of like a Gymboree with all kinds activities for little ones.  Cory and I kept joking that we were the creepy barren women that creep around at parks and other kid friendly locations to drool and gawk at the babies hahaha.  Clearly we were joking, kind of ;)  Sofie had a blast and though she may have been one of the smallest little ones there she was not in the least bit intimidated by all the activities.
This is mine ok?

On the move!

Love love love this family!

Sup? Can't you see I'm busy playing.

Sofie and her NC Aunties!

  After the party we ran some errands and headed home to prepare for Sofie's big party the next day.  By 11pm we decided to hit the hay, I was barley  hanging on, I had been awake since 4:30am and could barely keep my eyes open.
Getting all clean for her big party!

The next day we woke up got some last minute preparations in order and then it was party time!  Sofia's party was Alice in Wonderland themed and Jonathan and Chenoa did a fantastic job with everything, it looked amazing!  The party was great everyone had a great time, including Sofie who got her first taste of cake and lets just say she enjoyed it!  She also got tons and tons of toys and goodies from all her friends and family.
**Warning picture overload**
Some one on one time with the Birthday girl before her party.
Party time!

Sofia in Wonderland!

Props for the photo booth, made by Daddy!

Wait these are all for me?


Daddy and his birthday girl!

The Farsaci's

I'm a sucker for a ruffled bum!

Sofia's signature squishy face.

Her outfit was sooo cute!

One good pic....

and then we attacked the balloons

Yay balloons

time for cake

So what is this cake stuff you speak of?
Oh my... 

Dad helping her dig in.

Alright I got this



wait no more cake

sink bath

present time

Sofia's gift from her Grans

I spy a squishy face

After the party we all relaxed and by relaxed I mean Jonathan and I watched football!!  We grilled out for dinner and spent time with Chenoa's parents.  We spent the rest of the evening playing with Sofie and soaking up every last minute with her!
Such a happy girl

I love you little peanut

what a difference a year can make

of course some last time snuggles from bugsy

 By about 10pm we were all ready for bed and turned in for the night.  The next morning we were flying back home so we got our last snuggles and kisses and hugs in, and dropped the little peanut off with the nanny and then headed to the airport.  We reluctantly boarded our flight and headed back to NC, my sad mood was somewhat brighten by another serving of yummy Delta cookies and a Diet coke.  Hubby was there to pick us up at the airport and though I was sad to leave I could not wait to see him and one certain four legged little girl.

Our weekend in Florida was fantastic and so much fun!  You know those kind of friends that you can go a long time without seeing and as soon as you are back together you just pick up were you left off and it is like no time has passed at all?  Well that's what Chenoa and Jonathan are to us.  We have so much fun together and seriously laugh non stop, I love these guys so much!  Chenoa and Jonathan thank you so much for you hospitality last weekend we had such a great time and most of all loved spending time with you guys, we love you!

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