Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sofia Isabella!

 Like I said in my last post this past weekend was a very exciting weekend!! My friend Cory and I flew down to Orlando to celebrate our friend's Jonathan and Chenoa's little girl Sofia's first birthday! More on our weekend in another post, I want to spend this post giving the story behind Sofia's birth and why she is such miracle!
Michael and I met Jonathan and Chenoa at the dog park(thanks to Hurley and Bella).  We became fast friends along with another couple in our apartment complex, Cory and Ricky.  Upon learning that Jonathan and Chenoa wanted to start a family soon, I started encouraging ok really begging them to get pregnant.  I really enjoy playing with other peoples babies ha ha!  So when Chenoa and Jonathan told me they were pregnant in May 2011 I was beyond ecstatic.  That summer Jonathan and Chenoa decided they wanted to move back to Orlando to be closer to family when the baby was born, I was super bummed but totally understood.  Before their big move in September we found out that it was a girl, and we had a dinner celebration to celebrate the little princess on the way!

September came and it was almost time for them to move, we had one last ladies night on Tuesday night and prepared to say goodbye on Friday.  However Sofia had other plans and apparently she wanted to be a tar heel baby. Wednesday afternoon I got a call from Jonathan, one of the most terrifying phone calls I have ever received   He told me that they were being admitted to the hospital immediately  Chenoa's cervix was on the verge of dilating and her amniotic membranes were bulging.  I remember praying out loud to the Lord that he would protect Chenoa and her little baby girl, Chenoa was only 23 weeks at this time and me being a nurse I knew this was way to soon for the baby to come 23 weeks is barely on the cusp of viability.  That week we all did whatever we could to help Jonathan and Chenoa, they were planning on moving that weekend so we all helped load up there stuff and Jonathan's dad drove it all down to Florida.  Chenoa spent two weeks on bed rest in the hospital and endured magnesium treatments (which are pretty terrible) and steroid shots.

On Thursday September 29th I received another phone call from Jonathan telling me that Chenoa's water had broken and they were moving her to labor and delivery.  I rushed to the hospital I clearly remember doing about 80 on the highway to get to her.  I spent the day by her side as she endured yet another magnesium treatment, her contractions were consistent but not very close together throughout the day.  It was pretty much a waiting game to see if labor would progress, around dinner time Chenoa's mom got there, we all had dinner and then Cory and I decided to head home for the evening.  Later that evening Jonathan sent a text saying that contractions had picked up and that Chenoa's had spiked a fever so it looked like Sofia was coming soon.  I remember sleeping with one eye open waiting for my phone to buzz with more updates.  Around 3 am I got a text saying Sofia Isabella Farsaci was born weighing 1lb 9oz at just over 25 weeks gestation.  Jonathan said both her and Chenoa were doing well, it was a little bit of a relief but I knew we had a very long road ahead of us.

Chenoa was discharged two days later and if you remember they had moved out of their place two weeks earlier so they came to live with us for a few months while Sofia was in the NICU.  Michael and I were so glad we were able to do this for them and not only did they not move away but they moved in with us!!
Since Chenoa didn't have a car I had the privilege of getting to go to the NICU often and watch Sofia grow and amaze us.  The doctors kept telling us she is doing great but to be prepared there were numerous complications that could come up.  But over and over Sofia beat the odds and continued to grow and become stronger and stronger.

Sofia's first Halloween costume, little forggy!

My first time holding her, JOY!

Finally December came and Christmas was just around the corner and we all were hoping Sofia would make it home for Christmas.  Sure enough Sofia was released just in time for Christmas and they flew home on Christmas eve, talk about the best present ever!  It was definitely bittersweet, we finally had to say goodbye to our friends and this tiny little girl who had quite the grip on my heart.  However we were so happy that they finally had their little girl in their arms permanently and could finally be close to family.
Getting so big!

Taking big girl bottles!

My last day in the NICU with my little peanut.

Uncle Michael saying bye to Sofia!

The Lord has shown me His love, grace and power through Sofia's life and I am so grateful that I got to witness this miracle!
Now here we are one year later, Sofia turned one on Sunday, I cannot believe how fast this year has gone and I am so happy I got to be there to celebrate with her in person.

Happy Birthday Sofia Auntie Tessa and Uncle Michael love you more than you will ever know!

Don't worry I will have a whole other post about our weekend in Orlando with lots and lots of pics!

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