Thursday, September 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Daisy Mae!

Today is my first baby girl Daisy Mae's birthday! Daisy is my childhood dog that lives back in Charlotte with my daddy.  As I had mentioned in this post, when I was little I wanted a dog for years and finally when I was in sixth grade my dad gave in and decided to get me a dog for Christmas.  I will never forget that day, we drove down to the Union County animal shelter and we spotted this precious brown eyed puppy and it was instant love.  From that day on Daisy Mae and I were inseparable!  I have so many wonderful memories with   Daisy, so when the time came for me to move out and get married it was beyond difficult.  I remember multiple times during the months before the wedding where I would just sit and cry thinking about having to leave her.  Why didn't I bring her with me you ask?  Well my dad lives on 100 acres and that's all she has ever known, so to take her away from that and move her into a small one bedroom apartment just didn't seem right.  Plus don't be fooled I wasn't the only one slightly attached to Daisy, my Dad was too so I couldn't have him lose both is girls.  So Daisy stayed back with my Dad and she is still happy on the farm, where she is loved on by my dad and all of our neighbors, she is kind of like the neighborhood dog!
So I just wanted to take the time to wish my little girl a happy birthday, I cannot believe she is 15!  Daisy will always be my first baby girl! We love you hound dog!

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