Wednesday, September 5, 2012

We moved!

So I am slowly getting back into the swing of things after our move which I am embarrassed to say was over 3 weeks ago.  Its been a busy past few weeks between settling into our new apartment and some other events that I will be blogging about soon, so stay tuned!
So like I said we moved about three weeks ago, not very far(actually just a few buildings down) but it was still exhausting.  Luckily we could start moving into our new apartment on a Thursday but still had our old apartment until the following Wednesday so we made it a gradual process.  Thursday and Friday I moved a lot of our small things, I'm pretty sure I made a million trips between the two apartments over those two days ugh! Saturday we moved all of our big stuff, thanks to help from some awesome friends this process was quick and relatively easy.
Overall everything went smooth and I have to say we LOVE our new apartment.  Honestly I thought downsizing from a two bedroom to a one bedroom would stink, but it has been great.  Our new apartment feels cozy and warm and we really love the new layout.  We thought we were going to have to store our extra furniture in a storage unit which was going to be another expense we didn't need but the Lord definitely stepped in and provided another option, it turns out my sis in law's boyfriend was moving to our area and needed some furniture for his new apartment while he saves money to buy his own stuff and guess who had some?  Yep us! So that worked out perfect!  So overall we are loving our new apartment and I was telling Michael I am kind of sad we are only going to be in it for a few months!
Oh and how is Bella adjusting to our new place?  Well lets just say she loves as much as we do!  We get tons of sun so Bella now has a new routine, she sunbathes in the living room all morning until the sun is gone and then she moves to the porch to catch some more rays in the afternoon hahaha!
Bella helping move things into our new place.

Sunbathing beauty!

This pic was just to cute not to share!

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