Friday, September 7, 2012

Bachelorette Weekend!

My best friend Shannon got married this past weekend and it was incredible!  But that is whole other post I will be sharing soon!  Today I am going to share her Bachelorette party which was the weekend before the wedding..

First let me tell you a little about my bff Shannon! You might remember me mentioning her in this post, she is the girl I met in 8th grade and quickly hit it off over our shared love for Justin Timberlake and all things *Nsync and who would eventually introduce me to my future husband. I can easily say that Shannon is still one of my best friends today!  She is kind, loving, giving and just an amazing person all around!   I really look to her as a spiritual mentor, I truly value her view on faith, love and spirituality and I think she has such a great perspective on life! I truly am honored to call her my friend.  There are so many more things I could say about her, but that would take forever and its time to get on to the awesome night we had celebrating the beautiful bride to be!

So that night I drove to Winston-Salem to celebrate my best friend's upcoming nuptials! First we went to one of her favorite restaurants for some yummy dinner and drinks, and then the plan was to hit up some local bars.
Toasting the bride to be at dinner!

  However when we got home from dinner we popped in the Justin Timberlake "Future sex love sound" concert DVD and well we got a little distracted!  As I had mentioned before Shannon and I have been obsessed with JT since we were in the 8th grade so it made perfect since that this is how we would spend her bachelortte party, glued to a tv swooning over Justin oh yeah and playing a little drinking Jenga!  BTW ladies if you love JT you NEED to check out this concert it was beyond entertaining it had me giddy like a little 12 year old girl again!
Oh Justin!

So after the concert wrapped up we decided to walk down to the bars I mean its not a bachelortte party if you cant walk in a bar with a veil and tiara and get a few free drinks right?  So that's what we did, met some very fun/interesting people, I heard the most interesting pick up line I have ever heard.  It went something like this: "hi, your shoes are really nice. I noticed them when you walked in, they are really shiny".....and that was it. hahaha
After the bars all closed we headed to get some pizza.  If you have ever been to Winston-Salem you know that after the bars close there is only one place to go and that is Burke street pizza!  My husband graduated from Wake Forest which is in Winston-Salem, so I have eaten many slices of pizza from Burke street over the years!
Burke Street, YUM!

The weekend was filled with food, drinks, laughing until our bellies hurt and most of all the privilege of celebrating the bride to be! Next up Shannon and Roberts beautiful wedding weekend!

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