Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Birthday weekend and randomness!

Sorry for being MIA for the past week.  My nursing license is up for renewal at the end of this month and NC requires you complete 30 hours of continuing education and guess who saved it for the very last minute? This girl!!! So between completing all those and just normal life things I have been a little preoccupied.

So anyways I'm back and just wanted to document and share my awesome weekend!  I really have to brag on my friends and family they went above and beyond to make me feel special and I am so grateful!
It all started last Wednesday our small group cooked me a delicious bday dinner followed by a bottle of prosecco(my fave) that we shared, and then Slutty brownies! Oh my goodness have you seen these? They are all over Pinterest! Its basically a layer of cookie dough, a layer of Oreos, the covered with a layer of brownie batter then you bake it and HALLELUJAH!! Seriously I heard angels singing in the heavens upon my first bite!!! These may be the reason I have gained a few Lb's *sigh* more on that in another post.
The next day (Thursday) two of my closest friends April and Allison who are also members of our small group, took me out for a day of fun (seriously these girls are to good to me).  First we stopped at Chick Fil a, where I was treated to lunch.  Ok so here is another random fact about me: I LOVE Chick Fil a, it is my love language.  Oh you thought there were only five love languages, nope there is a sixth and it is Chick Fil a!  So we ate a yummy lunch and then we headed to Marbles a children's museum here in Raleigh.  We did have a kid in tow, my friend April has a 10 month old little boy Malachi, however this museum was so fun I would go without a kid haha!  I had such a blast playing with my favorite little fella and chatting it up with two wonderful girls.  It was an great afternoon, thank you so much girls!

Malachi staring down a french fry!

Having way to much fun at Marbles!

Then the fun continued Friday!! My cousin Jordan came to visit for the weekend!!! Now her visit alone would have been enough, however the hubs and her had some surprises up there sleeves!  First things first she  arrives with Costco cake!!! Ummmm if you don't know about Costoco cake then you need to give it a try, it is AMAZING and inexpensive.  However it comes in one size: ginormous so it feeds a ton.  Needless to say my fridge might be full of Costco cake and I am unsuccessfully trying not to eat multiple pieces a day, not really helping the weight loss plan. Hey there is always next week!  So Jordan arrived super late Friday evening so we chatted a while and then hit the sack.  Saturday morning I awake to the hubs and Jordan getting busy in the kitchen making me breakfast complete with Mimosa's, once again I love prosecco!  After we stuffed our bellies and relaxed a while we headed to a local park and took the pup on a long stroll.  The rest of the day we napped and watched football.  Then I was told to be ready at 6:30, we hopped in the care, I still had no idea where we were heading.  Then we pull up outside my favorite restaurant in the whole wide world The Pit!! Oh my goodness this place will knock your socks off!  We feasted on BBQ fries, hush puppies, Mac and Cheese, fried okra and not to mention BBQ!!!  Once we were so stuffed we could barely move we headed home to open up presents and eat cake, yes I was full but I have a separate stomach for dessert and I am never to full for Costco cake!
My dinner at the Pit, as you can see I couldn't wait to dig in!

So basically my birthday was awesome!! I cannot thank everyone who helped make it so special enough!
Especially my husband and Jordan, thank you so much for everything you did this weekend, it meant the world!

So yeah that was kind of long, hopefully you are still with me.  I know most of you don't care about my birthday weekend but I wanted to document it for my own personal memory.

On another exciting note it is officially FALL!  I broke out my very large tiny collection of fall decor today and it makes me so excited.  I currently have a pumpkin spice candle burning and cannot wait to make a batch of my pumpkin bread in the coming weeks, don't worry I will be sure to share!

So that's it for now, I'm back and hopefully will be writing more regular posts, I have a super exciting weekend coming up, so I will share more on that next week! Oh yeah and the season premiers of Grey's and Private Practice are this week woop woop!!!
Hope everyone is having a great week and Happy official Fall y'all!!!

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