Monday, September 17, 2012

26 random facts on my 26th birthday

Today is my 26th birthday, so I thought for fun I would post 26 random facts about me.  These are truly random, but hopefully they let you guys learn a little more about me.  Hopefully my weirdness doesn't scare you away. So here goes!

1) I was born crossed eyed. I had to have surgery and then wear a patch for a few months followed by some awesome giant pink glasses. I cannot believe I am going to do this but here is a pic of me in said "giant pink glasses" I think I was about 2 in this pick and that's Jordan (see #11)

2 )My Mom named me Tessa with the intent of everyone calling me Tess but that never happened, so feel free to call me Tess if you want.
3) I truly believe there is no dessert out there that is to rich for me, and I challenge anyone to find one that is, I am a true chocoholic.
4) I have this odd phobia of jarred things.  Allow me to explain: you know the jarred peppers that are always on the table at Steak and Shake, they thoroughly gross me out and I cannot eat unless they are out of sight.  So any jarred thing like that makes me gag.
5) I love good old gangsta rap.
6) I equally enjoy some classic Celine Dion, kind of embarrassing.
7) My first plane ride wasn't until I was in my twenties.
8) Dogs are my favorite animal, I know shocking.
9) I am a DADDY'S GIRL!
10) I went to UNCG for a year and a half and then transferred back home to UNCC because I was homesick, see #9.
11) I dont't have a sister but my cousin Jordan and I are so close I consider her my sister.
12) I think Diet Coke and Cheez-its together are delicious.  Its kind of like a nice red wine and a good steak, a perfect pair.
13) When I was in 6th grade I wanted a dog so bad that I carried around a stuffed dog pretending to "walk" and "feed" it so I could prove to my dad I was responsible. His name was Rosco and it worked we adopted my first baby girl Daisy later that year!
14) Michael and I were baptized in August 2008 just before our wedding, and it was the beginning of our new lives putting Christ at the center of everything. It has changed us in the most amazing way.
15) I have to sleep with two pillows: one for my head and the other in between my legs.  Michael and I refer to them and "H.P"(head pillow) and "L.P"(leg pillow)
16) I am ridiculously hot natured especially at night, it is frigid in our house during the night, so if you ever sleep over bring your Long Johns.
17) I have to have some kind of dessert after every meal (see #3).
18) I love the Duggar's!!!!
19) Football is my happy place. I would rather watch it than any other thing in the world.  I dream of one day having a daughter just like the little girl on "Remember the Titans" you know the assistant coach's daughter who knows more about football than the average man, I think that would be awesome.
20) I have seen every episode of Grey's Anatomy at least 3 times, and now thanks to Netflix I can watch them whenever I want!!
21) I like to read any book, article, medical journal, text book, etc about Child birth.  I find it fascinating! Then again I am an OB nurse.
22) I have about a hundred pair of my own sweat pants but I prefer to wear my husbands, sexy I know!
23) My first car when I was 16 was a white 1992 Honda Accord with manual transmission, I named her Honda girl and I am happy to say I still drive her today!! 234,00 miles and still going strong!
24) The only way I can eat bananas is with peanut butter on them.
25) This is so random and maybe strange but here it is: whenever I am at a public trail/park and a jogger/runner runs by me I have to hold my breath because I am afraid of getting a whiff of body odor. Sad but true.
26) Before the Panthers came to Charlotte I was a 49ers fan and I looooovvved Jerry Rice!  This is when my football obsession truly began.

So that's it 26 very very random/strange facts about me.

My sweet girl, wishing me Happy Birthday!

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  1. Awesome post Tessa, enjoyed reading your facts! And holding your breath while running past people jogging is only slightly weird lol. Happy Birthday!


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