Sunday, October 21, 2012

NC State Fair

First off let me apologize to my blog for being absent for so long! We are 9 days away from Michael's thesis defense(eeekkk) and life is crazy.  Michael has been working insane hours and pretty much only takes a break to eat dinner and then he is back to work.  I guess this isn't an excuse for me being absent but since Michael isn't around much I don't really do much haha!

However he did take a break for a much needed trip to the NC State Fair!  Like I have said before it is one of my most favorite events of the year! Fired food, rides, games, animals, crisp fall weather it doesn't get much better I tell ya! So Thursday evening Michael and I met our friends Will and April for some fair fun.  We first hit up the small "petting zoo"(you couldn't touch the animals so it wasn't really a petting zoo) where we saw pigs, cows, chickens you know the normal farm animals.

Little baby piggy, melt my heart.

  Then it was time to hit up the fried food section.  So the guys decided that they needed to try the Krispy Kreme burger!  Yes I just said Krispy Kreme BURGER, its a cheese burger with bacon sandwiched between two glazed Krispy Kreme doughnuts.  Now I know what you are thinking ummmmm YUCK!  Bet let me tell you it was rather delectable, it was the perfect mixture of salty and sweet.  I decided on a more tame Corn dog and April feasted on a gyro.


First bite

Verdict: AWESOME

The guys and their food

  Once we filled our bellies our gracious friends shared that they had tons of ride tickets that needed be used and needed our help to use them! So we jumped on a handful of super fun rides, might I add that some of them were a little out of  my comfort zone( I'm deathly afraid of heights) but I put on my brave face and ended up having a blast!
Riding my favorite, the pirate ship

Here we GO

This might be the ride that was a little out of my comfort zone.

April and Will

On first glance you might think awww how romantic but if you look closer you can see my death grip and just a tad bit of terror.

  After we rode a few rides Michael and I decided it was time! Time for the one thing that we really come to the state fair for........fried snickers bars!  I know I know so unhealthy but hey it only comes around once a year and I promise to eat salads for the rest of the week, once I finish off this pizza we had for lunch ;).  We headed over to our beloved fried candy bar stand ordered our snickers and enjoyed a moment of heaven! Seriously y'all a-mazing, imagine a warm melted gooey snickers wrapped in a funnel cake your drooling aren't you?

 Once we returned to earth, we realized we had tickets for one more ride and we decided on the Ferris Wheel, I mean its not a trip to the fair if you don't ride the Ferris Wheel.  As we were walking the fire works started and we stopped to watch the show and then continued on to the Ferris Wheel.  After our last ride it was nearly 11pm and we were all ready to head home!

We just love the State fair

The view from the Ferris Wheel.

  Once again the fair did not disappoint  good food, rides and even better company.  Thanks Will and April for coming with us and for sharing your ride tickets we had such a blast!  Hopefully next year we can make a trip down to the Fair from VA.  Heck maybe we can try out the VA state fair as well!

If you guys think about it say a little prayer for my man, he will be defending his thesis on the 30th and has to have his 100+ page paper turned in this Tuesday   He is doing amazing and I am blown away by his diligence   but just pray for peace of mind and stamina for him, it is definitely not easy.

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