Friday, March 1, 2013

Life lately according to my iphone.

Life has been pretty uneventful the past few weeks, but I didn't want to go to long without some kind of update on the blog. So here is what's been up with us in iphone pics:

Bella has just been being cute, like usual.

We've been catching some z's.

Took a trip to the vet, and Miss Bella got an A+

Cheering for our Tar Heels! Come on March Madness

Taking trips to Target and enjoying our favorite, popcorn and Diet Coke. 

Enjoying a piece of NC at Krispy Kreme.

We got a new bed, now I need to find some lamps for our bedside tables and something to hang above the bed.

For valentines Day, we kept it low key.  I made dinner and we enjoyed fettuccine alfredo and champagne at home.

My sweet friend April made this Valentine for me! Loved this so much, reminded me of back in elementary school when you exchanged Valentines. So much fun!

I took advantage of this cute Valentine to have a little photo shoot with my Valentine pup!

My man knows me to well.

Yay T. Swizzy!

And this was my real gift, eekkk! So excited, I have never been skiing before so hopefully it goes well.  Side note on the hilarious pic.  My husband searched for a pic of a little girl that reminded him of me as a child and I have to say he was right on, complete with giant glasses. I seriously died when I saw this, such a funny boy!

So that's all we have been up to lately,  I know I know we are just to wild and crazy.  Hope you could handle all of the excitement.  As for the next few weeks its more of nothing really.  We have our skiing trip tomorrow, which I am so excited for and then next thursday I am getting my wisdom teeth removed boo.  Then its just counting down til spring, warm weather and our trip back home for Easter so so so excited for this.

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