Monday, January 13, 2014

17 weeks

Once again this is late but, better late than never right? And about the pic, it's more of an 18 week pic since I took it the night before I turned 18 weeks, and please excuse my appearance and the lighting it was taken pretty late in the evening.

I definitely think my Belly has popped.

How far along: 17 weeks.

Size of baby: June bug is the size of an onion.

Maternity clothes: Other than my maternity leggings from gap, no.  Side note if you are pregnant go and get you a pair of maternity leggings from Gap, they are heavenly and I could live in them and I pretty much do.

Movement: YES!!!! So I know I had mentioned before that I thought I was feeling some little flutters but wasn't quite sure,well now I am feeling definite movement.  It seems like over night right around 17.5 weeks those flutters turned into little jabs and nudges.  I have even been able to feel a few movements from the outside. I am really starting to notice a pattern in June bug's movement and look forward to sitting quietly and waiting to feel the little one dance around.

Sleep: Well this one has changed a bit.  I had been sleeping great, but over the past few days I have started to get more and more uncomfortable at night, my lower back has really been bothering me and that makes finding a comfortable position pretty difficult.  Might be time to invest in one of those pregnancy pillows.

What I miss: noting

Cravings: None in particular.

Symptoms:  Lower back pain, man sometimes it is really really uncomfortable.  I just have over all pain and pressure down low, in my back and pelvis.  I can definitely tell that things are growing.

Favorite moment of this week: Feeling June Bug move, seriously the coolest thing I have ever experienced and feeling those little jabs reassures me that our little one is happy and healthy.  Also we started Bradley classes!  The Bradley method is a 12 week series to help expectant parents prepare for child birth as well as tons of info on pregnancy as well.

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