Saturday, February 9, 2013

4 years with Bella!

4 years ago today we drove out to Fuquay Varina, NC and picked up the sweetest tiny little puppy ever! I remember that day like it was yesterday, and I cannot believe it was 4 years ago. I also had no idea that tiny little puppy would become such a huge part of our lives. She is truly the best, she has so much personality, shes hilarious, silly, and super sensitive, she actually gets her feelings hurt haha and even pouts. Who says dogs aren't kids? I guess you could say we are biased but actually we are not the only ones that love Bella so much. Our entire family loves her also, Auntie Jordan is always buying her new toys and spoiling her like any Auntie should do. And when my Mom or Dad call it's usually "oh hey how are you" "how's Bella?" haha. She truly is one loved pup. So here's to 4 years with our sweet, silly sometimes crazy Bee Bop! And now some pictures of baby Bella!

These are from the day we went and visited her the first time, she was around 4 weeks old and oh so chunky!

Snoozin on my legs

Pretty girl!

First snuggle.

Layin with her bros, she was the only girl.

Bella's Daddy.

First family photo.

sweet little girl

And these are from the day we picked her up, February 9th, 2009. She was 7 weeks old.

Sweet girl!

I still try and do this with her, she's not a big fan :(

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